Steve's Photography

I have been a serious amateur photographer since 1989. I took up the hobby so that I could take better pictures during my travels in foreign countries. I found I had a knack for it and concentrated my effort, taking a number of workshops on the East coast. In 1996 I found a way of combining two of my favorite pastimes, photography and computer programming. Wanting to learn Java, then a new programming language, I decided to model a 35mm camera to help Mary learn the relationships between light, fstops and shutter speeds. What was an interesting diversion turned into a major hobby and I spent the next two years creating and refining WebSLR, which became operational in late 1998. Most of the work was done an hour or two at a time on nights and weekends. As of mid-2001, over 700 students have signed up for this on-line course.

I display my 12 favorite photographs at Steve's WebSLR Students Gallery page.


Mary's Photography

When I first met Steve, in 1990, I was quite happy with my point and shoot camera. Within our first year of dating, he won me over to wanting a 35 mm SLR. Guess what I received for Christmas. He tried to teach me the basics and I understood them when he explained. However, weeks or months would slip by between lessons. When I wanted to use my camera, I found that I didn't retain much of the intricacies of how to decide which settings to use. So he would patiently explain again. Then he decided to write WebSLR for me. Well, before I knew it, our life was consumed with "one more feature will make it better". I was drafted to test each new and improved version. From his work on WebSLR I learned good photography principles. Actually, I am very proud of having been the inspiration and first student.

You can see more of my work at Mary's WebSLR Students Gallery page and our Mediterranean and Black Sea cruise page.