Holiday Greetings! We hope you've had a great year! Our year has been quite eventful. You may have heard all this during the year but please be patient. Its a good story and we want to tell it again. Trust us, you'll enjoy this.

The highlight of the year was our trip to East Asia. We spent two weeks in Japan, a week in Korea and two days in Taiwan. Although we expected to like Korea best, we actually enjoyed it least. Japan was the best, which is fortunate because we spent so much time and money there. Mt. Fuji was awesome! We were lucky to see it on a clear day and both of us got some very some very nice pictures, though Steve's were nicer. However, Mary, without ever having a lesson, won two first place prizes in a photo contest with a picture she took outside of Nagasaki. Japan was very expensive. Steve was looking for a nice silk tie with a pattern on it but couldn't find one for less than $100. We finally settled for a polyester tie for $28. One of the only reasonable priced items was sake so we had our share. However, we learned to stay away from Korean soju.

Kyoto has beautiful Shinto shrines and Buddist temples. Although at first glance its very modern, there are back streets where you can get lost in history. Taiwan was an unexpected treasure. The temples there were more "lived in" yet vibrant with bright colors. Best of all, was the Taiwan National Museum. Many of the treasures from old China were smuggled out before the communists could destroy them.

Wedding plans continue to consume much of our time. Steve is helping but Mary is definitely calling the shots on this one. As usual, Mary is getting very hyper about the whole event but she's enjoying making lists of lists of lists. Steve gets to say "Yes Dear" on each and every item on each list. The big day is April~16,~1994. The ceremony will be officiated by a Catholic Deacon and a Rabbi under a chuppah (canopy) at St. Mary's in Colts Neck. Men will wear yarmulkahs and we'll light the unity candle. The reception is on the water at Shore Casino in Atlantic Highlands. There will be absolutely no gambling and we resent those who are laying odds on the wedding.

We had a very nice summer. We hosted five pool parties this year. Each year we get a little more ambitious with the menu. The kids especially enjoyed the pool. By the last party of the season in September the temperature was beginning to fall. We cranked the pool heater up to 90 degrees; after dinner it was like a 40,000 gallon sauna. A good time was had by all!

Not all was rosey this year. In late October, Mary was hospitalized with an arthritis related condition. We were worried for a while but fortunately they found the cause so she is on new medication. Everything is under control and life is back to its hectic norm.

Our collection of movies continues to grow. We passed 300 this year. Stop in sometime and we'll make popcorn. You get to choose the movie. Our Star Trek collection also continues to grow. We have all the episodes, movies and cartoons. One of us is eagerly awaiting the new "Babylon 5" series. The other grins and bears it. This year's contest -- can you identify who awaits and who bears?

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We wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Channukah and a very Happy and Healthy New Year!


Steve & Mary