One of our favorite activities is visiting foreign countries and cultures. We've traveled extensively around the world. We have also visited much of the U.S.A. Listed below are all of the countries that we have visited and the people we went with. Steve has been to 81 different nations. Mary is closing in fast with 77 countries. We've been to all seven continents and five oceans!

At the time of our travels, some of these countries did not exist. The Yugoslavia that we visited is now five countries and Czechoslovakia became the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We number countries visits by nation status today. Without leaving our homes, that number could increase or decrease.

We recorded the highlights of our most recent international trips.

We hope you enjoy reading them!

Here is the complete list of countries we have visited. When we travel, we rely extensively on the Lonely Planet series of guidebooks. Each country listed below links to that country's entry at Lonely Planet. We recommend this site to learn about the travel destinations you may be considering.