Welcome to Goldkeys Services. We provide Internet Services for small businesses and individuals. Goldkeys Services is wholly owned by Steven & Mary Goldsmith. Services include static and dynamic Web page design, and software development.

We do not send spam and detest those who do. However, two companies are sending out spam under our domain name. One is a pharmaceutical company. The other sells software. We urge our visitors to never make a purchase from a company after receiving spam email. Buying from such companies only serves to keep them in business.

Here is a sample of the Web Sites and applications that we have built:

  • Best 4 Diabetes
    From 2002 to 2004, Mary and Steve have collaberated on system to help people with diabetes record and track glucose measures, food intake, medications, exercise and stress. It can upload glucose readings from 24 different glucose meters - more than any other Diabetes Management system. Users can create reports to analyze their diabetic care and share with their Health Care Teams.
  • WebSLR
    Steven developed this Web site between 1996 and 1998. It offers an online, fully interactive virtual camera, to help people learn 35mm SLR photography. A comprehensive 14-chapter workshop tutorial with challenging exercises is included.
  • Short Persons Support
    Steven is the editor of Short Persons Support. The mission of this site is to:
    1. Support and provide reference material to persons of short stature.
    2. Raise awareness of the social and economic issues facing short people.
    3. Provide inspiration to short people to help better their lives and attitudes.

  • Mandelbrot Set
    Explore the Mandelbrot Set with this Java applet that Steven wrote one day in 1998.

Steven works for Baranabas Health and is responsible for external and internal Web sites, business application development, and reporting systems. Before this he was a Senior Manager at Avaya Business Communications in Holmdel and Somerset, New Jersey. He led a 40-person team with accountability for software development and system test of most of Avaya's external web sites.

Mary was a programmer analyst and worked in Holmdel, New Jersey for a major insurance company.

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